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Bombs Mailed to Lennon, McBride and Godman

Celtic Crest

As multiple sources have reported, bombs were recently mailed to Celtic manager Neil Lennon, Celtic counsel Paul McBride QC, and Celtic-supporting Member of Scottish Parliament Trish Godman.

It is almost inevitable considering the sectarian environment Celtic are forced to play in -- a sectarian environment that is, depending on the day, ignored, protected and/or encouraged by the Scottish establishment, from the government, down through the media, the Scottish Football Association, the Scottish Premier League and, of course, the establishment team, Rangers FC. (Aided and abetted by UEFA and FIFA, who are too busy totting up their bribes to take anything resembling a moral stand.)

Inevitable because the chronic antisocial behavior of Rangers supporters, or players for that matter, has never been sanctioned in accordance with their misdeeds. They are let off the hook for major offenses that result in major punishment for anyone else, especially if that anyone is a Celtic supporter, Catholic, or "worse", both. (How is that investigation into sectarian chanting at the closed door match in Italy, attended by only 300 hand-picked Rangers supporters, coming along ... after five years?)

A lot of Tims think we ought to cancel the season, refuse to play our final matches (as desperately as the establishment will attempt to rig them), withdraw from Scottish football, or even, God forbid, quit football altogether, like our cousins Belfast Celtic.

The more desperately they cheat, and lash out, the closer we are to winning. But if you run, they win:

up_over_goal says:
20 April, 2011 at 13:46

There have been a number of posts since last night suggesting some kind of 'loss of innocence' as a result of these events. In all honesty, I cannot see that myself. How it appears to me is that it is nothing more than a logical extension of an anti Irish/Catholic attitude that is centuries old.

Every time a Celtic fan is killed, every time a new outrage is added to the lazy pile of felonies Rangers fans have committed throughout Europe, every time UEFA take them to task over their songsheet, the levelling up process begins in the Scottish mainstream consciousness, as phrases such as 'Old Firm problem', 'Glasgow's sectarian divide', are trotted out, together with anecdotal evidence suggesting a 50/50 split in collective guilt. Celtic fans themselves usually indulge in a spot of introspection, trying to rationalize the problem—anything rather than admit to the fact that naked hatred is the sole, driving force behind these incidents.

When you are the victim of bullying and intimidation on this scale, there is the temptation, borne out of guilt, to search for the elusive fault in you that may have caused such hatred and aggression towards you. Such a search is, of course, futile.

Neil Lennon, Paul McBride, Trish Godman, and any Celtic fan who has been attacked, are being targeted because they represent Celtic. It beggars belief that I even have to state that, but there it is. While we're doing obtuse, let me ask a question. Would Neil Lennon have copped the same amount of flak this year, from both upper and lower echelons of the Scottish football world, if he had been hopeless or mediocre at his job? Of course not.

When Lennon was appointed to manage Celtic, Rangers fans gleefully looked forward to another easy season of crushing victories on the park, and financial progress off it. Wind forward ten months, and they have had to endure defeat at the hands of Lennon's Celtic, being comprehensively outplayed on those occasions. Meanwhile the spectre of bankruptcy looms, as the prospect of Champions League football looks under threat, and their club faces being financially wiped from the face of the earth,

Lennon is a good, potentially great, manager. He has galvanised the Celtic support, who love him, and with whom he has an innate understanding. He has exposed Rangers' inadequacy on the park, and the SFA's bias off it. He is articulate and intelligent, and an uncompromising attitude that has inflamed the hatred towards him—after all, Rangers fans expect Timmy to lie and take what's coming to him. The strong sense of integrity, the refusal to compromise, the independence of thought and action—all embody the Celtic spirit and the Celtic identity.

The calls to cancel games, to leave the league, while reasonable and well-intentioned, play right into the hands of those who would seek to undermine us, and in doing so undermine everything Lennon has been fighting for. We are probably aware of less than half of what he has had to endure, yet does he walk away? Does he throw up his hands and give in? No. And neither should we.

Do not give in to bullying and intimidation. Do not give them the satisfaction of successfully bullying us out of the country. This is OUR country just as much as it is theirs and they must never be allowed to forget that. Support Neil Lennon and what he and our club stand for.

SFA Let Ref Molesting Huns Off With Wet Noodle Wrist Slap

Embarrassing, against the rules and shameful

Sixty Seven

In the heat of Lisbon,
The Celts they came in thousands,
To see the Bhoys become champ-i-ons
Sixty Seven

(To the tune of "It's a Heartache" by Bonnie Tyler. First sung at Berwick Rangers, January 9, 2011.)

Quote of the Week X

"[El Hadji Diouf] only came to this league because he couldn't get a game in England. No one would touch him with a bargepole." (Scott Brown, 2011-02-08)

Rangers sign serial spitter El Hadji Diouf

Quote of the Week IX

If the diet huns had dished out the same thuggery to the full fat huns at the weekend they would have ended up with a 5-aside team on the park.

Shameless refereeing. I hope Celtic go to town after this.

Go for the throat Celtic.

Young men wearing the Hoops should not be officially approved targets for thugs and cheats, be they wearing hun blue, hun maroon or hun black. (Agent Green, 2011-01-26)

Weasel Kenny Miller buggers off to Bursaspor

Quote of the Week VIII

"I can't believe what I'm watching! Is Collum for real?" (Jim in Edinburgh via 80295, BBC Live, 2011-01-11)

Yes, Jim, I'm afraid he is.

Quote of the Week VII

"The Hugh Dallas award for posting something you shouldn't have but it was funny at the time.
Zander Diamond's Facebook post imploring Pope Benedict to run over 'all the prods in his Pope mobile' was neither big nor clever. With the financial state this country is in the last thing it needs is another hike in car insurance premiums." (Bedford Falls, ETims Online, 2010-11-21)

The Scottish Media & Their Role In The Great Cover Up

"Scottish referees have proven themselves untrustworthy. One has admitted to lying and a former official has said this lie was well-known within the hierarchy of the organisation and covered up. When these people have demonstrated such a lack of scruples, when they have made it clear they will go to enormous lengths to cover up their behaviour, when they have lied to the entire country, via the media which now wants to forget that happened, how can we believe a word they say?" More of this top notch essay (2010-11-25)

Quote of the Week VI

"No lying, no sectarian emails and accountability for dishonesty! There would be no crisis if we had this. This is the first requirement and if the current crop of referees do not agree, sack the lot of them and get decent, honest people who do." (Paul67, Celtic Quick News, on Scottish Football Association corruption, 2010-11-21)

Quote of the Week V

"We're not asking for special treatment, but neither will we be treated as less than anyone else. Those days are gone." (Dr. John Reid, Celtic Chairman, on Scottish Football Association corruption, 2010-11-18)

SFA stooges Blind Willie Collum, Dougie "Liar Liar" McDonald and Craig "I'm just shite" Thomson

Hearts Match Report

  • 77:33 Substitution Craig Thomson is brought on as a substitute for Rudolf Skacel.
    Silly me thought SFA stooge referee Craig Thomson had been playing for Hearts the whole match.
  • 81:18 Unfair challenge on Shaun Maloney by Craig Thomson results in a free kick.
    SFA stooge referee Craig Thomson wasn't just happy kicking Celtic in the balls.


Quote of the Week IV

"At least me and the Irish people have something in common." (Kevin Hartman, Dallas goalkeeper, after Mr. Handball, Thierry Henry, hacked his knee; October, 2010)

Dougie McDonald : Proven liar & sorry excuse for a referee

Stupid Keeper Tricks

"Aberdeen goalkeeper burns foot while making coffee on the bus" (Dirty Tackle of the Day, 2010-07-29)

July: The last time this season you will see grass on Motherwell's pitch.

Quote of the Week III


Quote of the Week II

"The sending-off of Heitinga in extra time may have cost [the Dutch], but to me it looked like the sending-on of Edson Braafheid cost them more. The left-back was a surprising substitute in extra time. Those of us who had the misfortune to watch him play for Glasgow Celtic, where he was on loan this year, were amazed to see him contesting the World Cup final; we were less amazed when we saw Spain score from the area of the field where the unfortunate Braafheid should have been defending." (Harry Browne, CounterPunch, 2010-07-12)

Quote of the Week I

"When people ask me about the secret to longevity, I say the honest answer is two large vodkas at lunchtime and three large scotches in the evening. All my doctors have said to me, 'Ronnie, if you would drink less, you'd live a lot longer.' And they are all dead, and I'm still here at 95." (Ronald Neame, movie director)

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