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HMRC show balls unavailable to SPL and SFA, reject scam CVA

Merriment Ensues


He's More Than a Hero To Me


Quote of the Week IV

"Preliminary information, discussion and analysis were, unfortunately, more optimistic than reality." (Former Rangers preferred bidder Bill Miller after getting a look at the Huns books, 2012-05-09)

Rangers three preferred bidders after Curley Bill Miller trucked off to Tennessee (Three Stooges)

The Rangers Are in Crisis

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Quote of the Week III

"... the riches-to-rags story of Rangers is a Godsend. It's been much like the financial catastrophe of '08 all over again, except with rib-splitting hilarity instead of brown-trousered terror ... Just as it was in 1929, few asked serious questions until investors started hitting the pavement at terminal velocity ... the stench of death pervades Rangers FC so thickly, you can barely see Ally McCoist for billowing clouds of horseflies." (FlyingRodent, Between the Hammer and the Anvil, 2012-05-01)

Doing the Conga When Rangers Die


Huns Tax Bomb


The Queen Wants Her Dough From The Huns


Rangers For Sale or Rent

(2012-04-17) Burlesque fan McCoist reveals excitement at Rangers asset-stripping

Championes 2012

Broony, Championes 2012

Last Gasp of a Dying Empire

Callum Murray, corrupt referee, accepts thanks for a job well done



Rangers Financial Advice


Quote of the Week II

"A colleague of mine drew a parallel between the finances of Rangers and Greece, though I can't see the connection. Mainly because Greece isn't as skint as Rangers, and they'll still be in Europe next year." (Ralph Malph, ETims, 2012-03-14)

Only Fools and Rangers Fans


Good Times Glasgow Rangers


Looney Tunes


Rangers in the Shite


The Great Tax Dodge


The Cash His Father Owes

Leap Year: Can the Huns afford the extra day's pay?


Hector the Taxman Wants His Money


Explaining Debt to a Hun

"You work-shy, pie-eating, fuckwit."


Administration Celebration


Quote of the Week I

"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." (Ben Franklin, 2012-01-16)

Yer Having a Laff

"Aston Villa defender Carlos Cuellar has told countryman Juanma Ortiz he would be joining the Real Madrid of Scotland if he moved to Rangers from Almeria. (the Sun)" (BBC, 2011-07-06)

Art School Students Run Amok

Joe Ledley in Celtic's butt ugly 2011 3rd kit.

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