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Rangers FC : Scotland's Shame

Being a roll call of Dignity FC's, and their knuckle-dragging supporters', seemingly endless transgressions against football, the law, good taste and plain human decency.


Industrial Scale Cheating: The BBC documentary "Rangers - The Men Who Sold the Jersey" proved the Huns benefitted from a tax scheme which simultaneously broke tax law, Scottish, European and international football frules. (2012-05-23)

Incitement to Riot: Ally McCoist demanded the names of the SFA transfer tribunal be made public, but Über Hun Sandy Jardine went 10 steps further: "The supporters will take sanctions against clubs which we deem have been unfair to ourselves ... it's about starting to fight back ... The size of our club and the size of our supporter base, it can be a powerful weapon." As Manchester found out. (2012-04-27)

Banned for Life: The SFA handed Rangers owner Craig Whyte a lifetime ban, and simultaneously handed the Huns a one year transfer embargo and £200,000 fine -- cash they've not got -- for seven rules violations over the past year. The bomb for the 14 years of rules violations prior to that is yet to land. (2012-04-23)

Unfit: The SFA rule Rangers owner Craig Whyte not fit and proper to run a football team. (2012-03-08)

Bankrupt: Administrators Duff & Phelps failed to clear accounts in time to submit paperwork to UEFA, preventing the Huns from rampaging through Europe next season. Also, not willing to wait to be pushed off the pound-pinching plank, players Gregg Wylde and Mervan Celik did one. (2012-03-07)

Tax Dodging: Former Rangers director Hugh Adam outted the club for having hidden second contracts, violating both SFA rules and tax law, dating back until the mid-1990s -- a scheme which he said the entirety of the Huns board was aware. Including then board member, and current SFA president, Campbell Ogilvie. Lest you think this is a mea culpa, Adam warned them about their criminality 10 years ago. (2012-03-02)

Stealing From Orphans: Bankrupt Rangers attempt to divert proceeds from charity match against A.C. Milan towards staving off a winding up. "The Rangers Charity Foundation suggested the club should benefit from the match ...". (2012-02-28)

Lying: Bankrupt Rangers fined £50,000 for failing to disclose owner Craig Whyte's previous disqualification as a director. (2012-02-27)

Administration: Bankrupt Rangers go into administration. Hilarity ensues. (2012-02-13)


Hooliganism: Security officials "requested calm" from flare wielding Orcs ... at a U-19 reserve team friendly against Stirling Albion. (2011-07-13)

Victim Blaming: Rather than be grateful for all the honest refereeing, and completely neutral SFA decisions, that resulted in the Huns squeeking the league by a solitary point, the retiring Master Mason, Walter Smith, blamed the victims—Celtic—for this season's troubles. (2011-05-17)

El Hadji Diouf: "Gaddafi is a man who I have always admired. I am telling the truth. I know him, and I know his son Saif as well. They are my friends." (2011-04-19)

Collusion: Referee Blind Willie Collum gave Rangers three penalties, and sent off three Dundee United players. (2011-04-19)

UEFA Fiddling: UEFA fined the Huns £35,652, and banned travelling Orcs for one match for their behavior versus PSV. Really dropped the hammer on 'em, didn't they? (2011-04-28)

Sectarianism: UEFA began investigating Rangers sectarian chanting during both legs of last month's Europa League matches against PSV Eindhoven. (2011-04-15)

Collusion: The SFA let the Huns off the hook for their shameful Scottish Cup display. No, Scottish referees did not strike because their attackers were given a wet noodle wrist slap. But the SFA did try to illegally suspend Neil Lennon for eight matches. (2011-04-12)

Assault: Majid Bougherra twice assaulted the referee. El Hadji Diouf assaulted the Celtic physio, confronted the Celtic bench and ignored PCs to throw his shirt in the stand after the Huns lost. Ally McCoist, Walter Smith's Mini Me, confronted Neil Lennon after the match. To give you some idea of how over-the-top the Huns behavior was, the referee -- a Scottish referee! -- actually sent three of them off. (2011-03-02)

El Hadji Diouf, serial spitter, friend of dictators, emabrassment to football

El Hadji Diouf: Rangers signed serial spitting Senagalese. Known priors include March 13, 2003, spat at a Celtic player, while playing for Liverpool; November, 2004, spat at an 11-year old Middlesbrough fan, while playing for Bolton; and November 27, 2004, spat at a Portsmouth player. In September, 2009, questioned by police for racial slurs directed at a ball boy. April, 2010, arrested for motoring offences in Manchester. And, just a month before signing for Dignity FC, taunting a QPR player who lay injured on the pitch, with a badly broken leg. (2011-02-04)


Sectarianism: Hugh Dallas is revealed to have sent a sectarian email, from his SFA account, depicting the Pope as child molester, on the day of the Pontiff's September visit to Scotland. It took the SFA three weeks to sack Dallas. Then Dallas had the gall to appeal. Dallas lap dog Dougie McDonald resigned the next day. (2010-11-26)

Collusion: On a Kirk Broadfoot dive, referee Blind Willie Collum called a penalty he literally could have seen only with eyes in the back of his head (as his back was to the incident). (2010-10-24)

Lying: Dougie McDonald first called a penalty for Celtic, then changed his mind, claiming advice from assistant Steven Craven. Advice Craven never gave, one way or the other. Caught in his lie, McDonald demanded Craven back him with another lie. Hugh Dallas lied as well: The SFA head of referees, leaned on Craven to lie, then lied that he had done so. (To his credit, Craven resigned.) Then Dallas led the referees in a strike. (2010-10-17)


Thuggery: Rangers supporters assault rivals on train. The huns were dressed as Spiderman, Batman ... and 'pimpman'. (2009-10-31)

Sectarianism: Rangers ban green bags of crisps because they might offend their supporters. (2009-10-21)

Collusion: Referee Craig Thomson failed to award Celtic a stonewall penalty even a blind man would have seen, actually going so far as to give Celtic a caution for "diving". The next day, the result in the bag, Thomson conveniently admitted his error. (2009-10-04)

Cheating: Kyle Lafferty diving against Aberdeen. (2009-05-22)

Drunken Insubordination: Rangers captain Barry Ferguson, and Allan McGregor, were all set to be let off with a wet noodle wrist slap -- after Rangers leaned on Scotland manager George Burley -- after an all-night drinking binge, but rather than accept their "punishment", the duo instead flicked the V at television cameras the following match. (2009-04-01)


Perversion: Rangers Supporter. NSFW (2008-12-23)

UEFA Fiddling: "Mayhem on the streets after their event. Police assaulted after their event. Cars ransacked after their event. Innocent people scared half to death after their event. Tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage after their event. FTP, UVF, Fenian blood before and after their event" By the way, is not ironic that in an article about the Orcs rampaging (again), the lead advert asks "How low can you go?" (2008-05-18)

Rioting: Orcs riot because the telly did not work. (2008-05-14)

Rangers UEFA Cup Riot: Manchester, May 14, 2008

Corruption: Rangers raided for corrupt transfers (2007-07-16)

Police raid Rangers over corrupt transfers

UEFA Fiddling: UEFA excused Rangers supporters Nazi salutes in Israel, despite all evidence to the contrary, and despite those same Orcs repeated transgressions of fair play, violence and just plain decency. "Red hand" my red arse. As UEFA Gruppenfuhrer, Michel Platini bears responsbility for that decision. (2007-02-21)

Nazi Saluting: In Israel -- of all places! -- Rangers supporters had the gall to make Nazi salutes. We're surprised the IDF or Mossad did not put a boot in. (2007-02-14)

Insubordination: Rangers captain Barry Ferguson had (French Catholic) manager Paul Le Guen sacked after being stripped of the arm band for earlier incidents of insubordination. (2007-01-18)

Hypocrisy: "I hope all the Rangers fans who gave out about Aidan McGeady choosing Ireland over Scotland now understand what real treachery is. It's not choosing your roots over the country you happen to be born in, it's leaving your country in the lurch for 30 pieces of silver" - Peter Collins, Guardian, on Walter Smith jilting Scotland, mid-Euro qualifying. (2007-01-09)


Robbery: Bozo Criminal of the Day for August 16 comes from the International File in Glasgow, Scotland where bozo Derek Brown threatened workers at a bank with what turned out to be a can of deodorant in a bag while asking for cash. When the teller refused to give it to him, our bozo laid his head down on the counter and promptly fell asleep. Police were called, our bozo was awakened and taken to jail. (2006-08-16)

UEFA Fiddling: UEFA fined the Huns £13,300 for sectarian chanting in both legs of the Champions League tie with Villarreal. (2006-05-24)

Rioting: Rangers supporters attacked the Villareal team bus. Eight other Orcs were arrested for disturbing the peace in Benidorm. UEFA later fined the Huns a whopping £9,000. (2006-03-07)

2005 Banning the snack brand 'Peperami' from doing promotions at Ibrox in 2005 because they had a green wrapper. Banning 'Eggs Benedict' from the corporate breakfast menu as it contained the new Popes name.

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